Tenant Emergencies

Our office can only be guaranteed to be contacted during working hours. Therefore if you are faced with an emergency situation and are unable to contact WA Property, listed below is information on items that are classified as an emergency and their relevant contact numbers. Please note an emergency situation is defined as something that may harm someone, or may cause further damage to the property if left unattended.


Severe damage to property (explosion or collapsed ceilings)

Impact to building by vehicle

Break in & damage to glass

Severe storm damage

No electricity at all to the property

Blocked toilet IF there is only toilet within the property

Burst water pipe




1. An electrical emergency, please contact Calibre Electrical Ph: 0411 228 940.

2. A plumbing emergency, please contact Diamond Plumbing Ph: 0418 926 789 (Perth area).

3. Severe storm damage, please contact SES on 1300 130 039

4. Water damage to the carpets, call a water extractor. Tango Cleaning Ph: 0438 578 860

5. A break in, please contact the police and obtain a police report number.

6. A break in and require a locksmith, please contact:

Capital Lock & Security Ph: 1300 721 221 (Perth area).

Mandurah Lock & Key Ph: 9535 5951 (Mandurah area)

7. A break in and require a glazier, please contact:

Park Glass Ph: 0403 317 661 (Perth area).

Mandurah Glass Service Ph: 9581 2894 (Mandurah Area).

Wanneroo Glass Ph: 9309 1962 (Clarkson area).


Please note that if you proceed with a repair that IS NOT classified as an emergency, the owner is NOT obliged to pay for the expense incurred. If you lock yourself out and require a locksmith, the costs incurred are payable by the tenant. 


In an emergency situation, should the above options not be suitable, please contact your property manager as listed below:


Beauty Bwembya 0448 440 043

Jaydeen Grace 0431 428 834

Sue Johnson 0411 508 448